My Final Election 2012 Thoughts: It’s a 3rd Party For Me

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve purposely avoided writing about politics for some time because it makes my blood pressure go up and that’s not a good thing right?

I may have said this before, but I get surprised by the amount of stupidity that gets spewed by Democrats towards the progressive community. The scapegoating, falsehoods, and outright stupidity by Democrats towards progressives is simply appalling. No, I’m not asking Democrats for a lolly pop, a cookie, or a pat on the back, but judging from the attitude of many Democrats I guess I should be asking for a permission slip to vote for what I believe in as a progressive.

Progressive First, Compromise Later

As someone who follows politics pretty closely I like to read many political websites and Democratic Party forums. In many of those sites progressives are often ridiculed as “purists” for criticizing Democrats from the left which I just find misleading and outright false. Personally, I accept the fact that compromises need to made in politics. The problem is the starting point of the argument or position. For example if you have 2 politicians compromising ideas from the Left and Right you will most likely end up with a solution in the middle. The problem that progressives like myself have is that President Obama did not fight for a lot of progressive ideas in his administration. He immediately compromised starting with a middle position to end up with a middle-right result. On the issue of healthcare he did not fight for Single-Payer healthcare. Not only did he not fight for Single-Payer, but it was shut out of the discussion altogether. The same thing with not closing Guantanamo Bay. Nobody is denying Congress stonewalled the closing, but did President Obama keep on fighting for it to be closed? Answer: NO, he gave up. This is just a small sample of Progressive issues that were not fought for under President Obama. I would have had little issue with the Healthcare compromise in the end if President Obama fought for the most progressive option first. It’s not about the end result being “pure”, it’s about the progressive fight before the compromise. Democrats always get that part wrong.

Don’t Blame Me, I’m Voting 3rd Party

Every Presidential election election the Democrats and Republicans create this big dark cloud of deceit that if you don’t vote for either them(3rd party) then you are voting for their counterpart. This is commonly known as the “spoiler” argument. This is the argument that perpetuates the myth that the Democrats and Republicans are entitled to your vote. Unfortunately, every 4 years since 2000 when the Supreme Court granted George W. Bush the Presidency 3rd Party voters have been under scrutiny due to Ralph Nader’s vote total in Florida in the 2000 election. (I’m not going to get into all the history of that, but feel free to google that for yourself)

Since the 2000 election if you declared yourself as a 3rd Party voter there were all of a sudden special invisible rules that Democrats would demand with big fiery breathe that you follow like if you lived in a certain state you should only vote for a certain party. A very interesting way to run a democratic process if you ask me. Unfortunely, this year I have seen the groundwork placed in various articles set to blame 3rd Party voters should President Obama lose the election. This is a form of voter intimidation and it should not be tolerated. In fact, I am always surprised at how Democrats expect us to vote for their candidate after them ridiculing 3rd party voters. Is that really the best way to get votes for your candidate? Am I really supposed to be swayed by your arrogance, sense of entitlement, and insults?

Unfortunately, in Election 2012 the Democratic Party did not give me the option of voting for a progressive at all. In fact, they didn’t even give us a Presidential Primary because it’s somehow an evil thing to primary sitting Presidents. One of the bullshit arguments Democrats like to use to dissuade people from voting 3rd Party is that if you vote in the party primary then you should accept the loss and come together like a big happy family in the general election. Well so much for that… The last hope argument Democrats like to use is the Supreme Court argument. This is usually the trump card that is pulled if all other arguments fail to change your mind. You will get that argument whether the Democratic nominee is President Obama, Garfield the cat, or Scooby Doo. Point being, it’s always gonna be there no matter who it is and no matter how old the current Supreme Court justices are. I understand Roe v. Wade is a big issue, but that’s not the only issue in America and around the world. This would be a swaying argument to me if I felt confident that President Obama wouldn’t appoint a justice that would erode civil liberties the same way his administration has done the last 4 years.

I’ve decided to vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party this year because she’s the only progressive option on the ballot, but let me ask for permission first…

  • I disagree with President Obama’s extension of the War in Afghanistan.
  • I disagree with President Obama’s drone strike program.
  • I disagree with President Obama’s extension of the Patriot Act.
  • I disagree with President Obama’s kill list assassination program
  • I disagree with President Obama’s record crackdown on medical marijuana.
  • I disagree with President Obama’s lackluster support of labor unions.
  • I disagree with President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act which is a giveaway to insurance companies after never fighting for single-payer healthcare, and negotiating away the public option in a backroom deal..
  • I disagree with President Obama’s lackluster support of the public education system and teacher’s unions.
  • I disagree with President Obama’s record deportation policy of immigrants.
  • I disagree with President Obama ignoring climate change.
  • I disagree with President Obama not making a commitment to protect Social Security.

Do I now have permission to vote 3rd Party?


One response to “My Final Election 2012 Thoughts: It’s a 3rd Party For Me

  1. Although I’m active in the Democratic Party, I too voted Green for President.

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